About the Author

Rod Clarke has been interested in Narrow Gauge railways since 1955 when he was first exposed to them as a teenager. His interest was heightened in 1971 by Omar Lavallee's great book "Narrow Gauge Railways in Canada" when he discovered that the Toronto and Nipissing Railway had run almost through his backyard.

Picture of Rod Clarke and the Narrow Gauge Through the Bush Book

He was then eager to model the railway but discovered that, while there was much written about its history, there was little in the way of technical information and drawings. This led Rod on a decades-long adventure to further research these railways and to produce drawings of many of its assets.

After retiring in 1998 from a career as a nuclear engineer, Rod was able to focus even more of his time to this challenge. With the help of the Internet he found a host of additional sources of information to draw on. In the past few years, he has integrated all of this into the book, "Narrow Gauge Through the Bush", which was published in December of 2007.