Table Of Contents

Preface 9
Prologue 11
2A New Start, A New Gauge19
3From Toronto Northwards25
4Narrow Gauge Engineers35
5Opening the Campaign45
6To Nipissing-I, Campaign for a Charter47
7To Nipissing-II, Raising the Money51
8To Nipissing-III, Building the Road59
9To Lake Nipissing?81
10The LSJR Branch85
11To Grey and Bruce-I, Campaign for a Charter93
12To Grey and Bruce-II, Raising the Money97
13To Grey and Bruce-III, Building the Road113
14Organizing to Build a New Railway147
15Constructing the Lines157
17Passenger and Freight Stock221
18Stations and Equipment233
21Locomotives and Rolling Stock287
22Buildings and Structures319
23The Colour of the Narrow Gauge347
Appendix AProvisional Directors of the T&NR357
Appendix BProvisional Directors of the TG&BR359
Appendix COfficers of the T&NR and TG&BR361
Appendix DThe Narrow Gauge Charters362
Appendix EMap of the TG&BR366
Appendix FMap of the T&NR367
Appendix GDisposition of Locomotives, and Surviving Routes368
Notes 369
Index 381